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Exclusive Honeymoon Tips for a Romantic Honeymoon (Part II)

As promised, I have come up with some more wonderful and exclusive honeymoon tips for all my buddies out there you would soon be sailing out on that voyage of love and romance. If you haven’t already read Exclusive Honeymoon Tips for a Romantic Honeymoon (Part I), I would invite you to read through it because you wouldn’t want to miss on the best things in life, would you? At least not when it comes to your soul mate and your honeymoon with him/her! So, read on friends my exclusive tips for honeymoon and learn how you can make your fairytale dream of love come true….

v Romantic Honeymoon Tips I – The bathtub and the bathroom is probably one the most sensual places to ignite your love passions and let loose your intimate most desires in the bubbles of soap and warm caressing foamy waters. Since, a vacation like honeymoon is worth all the efforts and money, do not leave a stone unturned to bring the perfect romantic setting alive even in the bathroom. Surround the bathtub with aromatic vanilla and/or strawberry candles. Fill the water in the tub and soak in some sensuously fragrant bath bombs. Next, fill the water with a fragrant bubble bath soap and finally, spread petals of roses and jasmines all over on the tub, in the water. What next? Go in with your sweetheart and together enjoy a romantic and a cozy candlelit bath and yes, don’t forget to enjoy champagne while you soak in the sensuous water and in each other’s love!

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v Romantic Honeymoon Tips II – No honeymoon tips can ever be complete without a mention of a romantic dinner together. So, after the two of you have enjoyed a rejuvenating carnal bath it’s time for a candlelit dinner. Some of the best places for a candlelit dinner is the balcony and if you want to break the monotony and impress your sweetheart, simply take them for a surprise in a pre-chosen romantic spot somewhere in the mountains or by the sea beach and lay out the table beautifully to start the wild-eyed game while the two of titillate your tongues with some of your favorite delicacies and wine. Often the luxury hotels and resorts already have such arrangements for the honeymooning couples, so the surprise could be arranged for you by them just as well and may be even in a better way, while you while away the hours getting to know your sweetheart better and closer.

v Romantic Honeymoon Tips III– As long as a couple deeply in love are together, walking hand in hand, miles away from the milling crowd and the worries, it doesn’t matter whether they are watching the sunset or the sunrise. Isn’t it? They just stroll and stroll away; feeling the soft grains of the sands beneath the feet and the fragrance in the air, and the whispers that sing love songs and the sun that celebrates their love whether it rises or it sets. So, take long strolls on the beach, let the hotel arrange a romantic picnic for the two of you on the sand with champagne, blankets and candles and you will live in some moments which will become a part of your sweetest memory for ever.


v Romantic Honeymoon Tips IV– When you are tired strolling enough by the sea beach, playing on the shores or may be hiking the private mountain trails together, it’s time for you to come back in the hotel room and relax. But relaxing doesn’t really mean you have to sleep, coz sleeping doesn’t come so easily when you are having such a beautiful time with your soul mate and you want to enjoy some more. Enliven up those moments buddy! Cuddle up together in the couch or on the cozy spongy bed and watch some romantic movies together. Isn’t that sweet? You bet!

v Romantic Honeymoon Tips V– When you have relaxed enough and would love to recharge your batteries and get going together again, go twin bicycling, which indefinitely is the most romantic sport for honeymooners. Explore the town or the village you are staying in, stop by the local markets, buy some gifts for your folks and friends back home and some fresh flowers for your sweetheart and nibble on some local fruits and delicacies.

Capture these spirited, love filled moments of togetherness in your camera but in the process don’t get too busy to live these beautiful moments to the fullest. Imagine as if you are the prince and the princess re-united forever from one of those “happily ever after” carefree fairy tales and live your honeymoon as if you are living a dream.

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