Sunday, January 30, 2011

India Travel Goes Homogenous to become the Choicest Destination for Homosexual Tourists

India travel is to see some more new dimensions in the tourism sector as the country is soon to emerge out as the “it” destination for special tourists. In other words, India travel is to witness a modern travel trend very soon as it is gradually turning as the hottest travel destination in the world for attracting lesbian and gay tourists from all over the globe. As the government of India lifted up the ban on homosexuality and legalized it a couple of years back, the Indian tour operators have been gearing up fast and are now competing to cater to the homosexual tourists all over the world. 

As India travel goes homogenous to give an equal (or may be for that reason a special!) warm welcome to the gay and lesbian tourists to India, a part of the Indian tourism industry is looking forward eagerly to benefit from the visits by the homosexual travelers. However, the market of homosexual tourism in India is yet to be exploited as concluded by the travel exponents at the 18th South Asia Travel and Tour Expo, where Gay and Lesbian Tourism was the hottest topic of discussion organized under the ITB Berlin banner.

As Sanjay Malhotra, the director of Indjapink (the first Indian gay travel company) analyzed, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Tourists (LGBT) has soared up a lot in the last two years. The increase in the inflow of gay tourists to India has mainly been observed from United States, Canada and Western Europe. Also, it has been studied that for India travel, the gay travellers mostly prefer Rajasthan, Kerala and Varanasi. 

Prior to the couple of years ago before homosexuality in India was legalized, the lesbian and gay tourists would bypass the country for other tourist destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal. But with the uplifting and legalizing of homosexual culture in India and rising awareness and respect for the same gender romantic relationships, India travel is sure to soar higher in the coming three years as the hospitality industry is also grooming up especially to cater to the interests of the homosexual travellers and thus, India is all set to become the choicest destination for lesbian and gay travellers.

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