Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bundi Utsav Rajasthan – The Great Indian Carnival

Bundi Utsav Rajasthan, held in the festive month of November is one of the most fascinating festivals of India. Bundi Utsav gets its name from the place where it is held. Called Bundi, this place located in Rajasthan, India sure seems to be straight out of a picture post card. Each of places in Rajasthan have their own special significance, the very fact which has shot this destination in India to be one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world and it is festivals such as these, which have made Rajasthan tourism more meaningful than ever before.

Bundi Utsav RajasthanA cultural representation that’s spell binding

Folklore, handicrafts, dance, music and heritage...you name it and the Bundi Utsav of Rajasthan has each of these gems studded on its festive occasion to keep up the frenzy and fervor of this occasion on the pinnacle. Some of the most respected and famous artists grace the cultural shows and entertainment on the occasion of Bundi Utsav in Rajasthan.

Bundi Utsav RajasthanLet’s explore beyond

The Bundi Utsav of Rajasthan, India bundles a lot of vibrancy. Take for example, the colorful procession or the Shobha Yatra that is a fun filled carnival showcasing some of the finest arts and crafts of this artist rich Indian state. From arts and crafts, cultural folk dance and music to ethnic sports and exhibition, there’s no excitement that goes amiss in this impressively entertaining event. The Bundi Utsav also packs in sightseeing, turban competition, musical extravaganza, deep daan, bridal attire, musical band competition and spectacular fireworks display.

Bundi Utsav RajasthanMoonlit glories

During the festival of Bundi Utsav in Rajasthan, dresses up in full glory yet another town in Rajasthan, in neighborhood of Bundi, called – Keshorai. The town comes alive under the moonlight flooded sky. The villagers dress up in the traditional best, come together at the banks of River Chambal and the women spray a magical mist in the air with their ritualistic holy chants.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ganga Mahotsav – The Dazzling Fairs and Festivals of India

Ganga Mahotsav 2010 begins! Ganga Mahotsav, one of the most awaited festivals of India, is celebrated in the month of October to November every year. The Ganga Mahotsav festival is a 5 day long beautiful affair that attracts tourists from far and wide. The celebrations of the Ganga Mahotsav begin from the Probodhini ekadashi and trail off to the Kartik poornima of the Indian lunar calendar. The venue of the Ganga Mahotsav is the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat in Varanasi, a beautiful place which comes alive with all the joy and spirit and enlivens the bank of the holy Ganges.

What the Varanasi Ganga Mahotsav brings on the platter?

Ganga Mahotsav 2010 is five day long carnival, a platform that becomes the kaleidoscope of the finest craft and fantastic culture of India, all of which converge in a single place, i.e. by the bank of the River Ganges in Varanasi. While this art and culture festival of India converges the most traditional facets of the Indian cultural heritage, it is the vibrant state of Uttar Pradesh, which is the main show stealer in the Varanasi Ganga Mahotsav.

The illuminating moment of Ganga Mahotsav

The phantasmagoria of this dreamy Indian festival comes to a closure on the fifth day, when millions and millions of illuminated earthen lamps, called Diyas, are sent afloat the mystic and playful waters of the Holy Ganges. The fragrance of the burning incense fills the atmosphere impregnating the breezes with sanctity. The sacred Vedic chants on the other hand add to the holy scene by slowly transforming the Ganges bank to a celestial abode. This out of the world feeling and the scenes converges in a pair of worlds – Dev Deepavali, an enlightening event in the Ganga Mahotsav festival that brings down the curtains to this cultural bonanza of Varanasi.

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