Monday, February 21, 2011

Zip lining - The Newest Adventure and a Must Try for Thrill Freaks

Zip lininig is a fast becoming the “It” adventure sport in the world as it’s a fun “out of the world” when the adventurer gets to glide smooth on a zip wire to experience the aerial view of the beautiful attraction beneath and across. More popularly known as the flying fox, the zip line or the aerial runway, often also called the death slide for its raw adventure, is technically a pulley that’s suspended on a tyrolean cable which is mounted on some incline. The zip lining adventure is all about allowing the adventurer to be propelled to gravity so that he can traverse the entire distance aerially right from the top to the bottom of the aerial runway that’s suspended in an inclined manner. The support for the zipline cable is usually made of stainless steel, which the zipliner holds on to or he/she is attached to a moving pulley.

Purpose of Zip lining

Today ziplining has become one of the most sought after adventure sports in tourism and is unquestionably one of the newest modes of holiday entertainments. These high, long aerial rides on the ropes were mainly used for accessing the remote, unreachable areas such as the rainforest canopies. Sounds exciting? Well, it is a pure thrill once you EXPERIENCE it.  Today, zip line tours are no more just about accessing forest canopies. 

Where to Zip-line

Now, a major outdoor adventure sport, zip lining has become the most preferred choice for indulging in adventure right from the upscale resorts, historical monuments and palaces to the lush forests, volcano tops, mountain landscapes, picturesque streams and wilderness camps. Ziplining indeed brings out the elements of a greater challenge and a fresh adventure. Some of the most happening zip lining destinations today are Costa Rica, South Africa, India, Hawaii, China and Colorado.

Ziplining with History

Zip lining was once only limited to the rainforest and tropical destinations, which has become an old scene now and has been replaced with newer opportunities, where the audacious travellers can now weave together the thrills of adventure, magnetism of history and vibrancy of culture all in that one aerial runway and zipline down it to explore the world like never before! In that regard, India is one destination of choice, where an exhilarating ziplining ride takes you through the royal beauties of an era gone by, while, you have a panoramic bird’s eye view of the history, culture, customs and beauties of the royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan. The places in Rajasthan, where zip lining has taken its peak are the Neemrana Fort, an ancient heritage hotel and the Mehrangarh Fort Palace.


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