Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sports Tourism in India is blossoming in full bloom

To define sports tourism in India may have been an alien concept to strive through in the earlier times but in the last five years, our very beloved nation has progressed rapidly in the sports tourism industry and so, experts have happily predicted the inevitable. Although sports tourism in India can be called a niche segment, the estimated expected sports tourism development in the country which is at the rate of 10 to 20%, clearly shows that India has immense potential of blooming out as one of world’s best adventure sports tourism destinations.  

Wondering what is sports tourism in India like? Just imagine you and your friends backpack and land up on this wonderful land of and get to witness some of world’s most spectacular, frenzy filled and super-exciting sporting events. Cricket, for example, is one of the sports in India which has a massive fan following all over the nation, starting from the remotest desert villages to the Himalayas!!

So, if you are sports freak too you can just buy your tickets and land up in the stadium to catch the live ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 between India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka or simply take full fledged opportunity to visit India to witness the crazy fans and the passionate game during a T20 tournament. If you are not a cricket guy or a gal, sports tourism in India has loads of other options for you in the form of formula one races and so on and on and on as long as the list of games is on.

Studies on sports tourism in India has revealed that sports enthusiasts are so passionate about this whole concept of conjugating sports and tourism together that they are more than ready to spend “top dollar” to set out on their sports tourism globetrotting mission and experience the real thrill of LIVE sports. What comes on the platter of sports tourism in India is that they simultaneously get to enjoy the various tourism hotspots and not to mention their lip smacking cuisines, great hospitality and shopping to ecstasy.

Adventure sports tourism is another segment of the sports tourism industry of India and people who love the sudden rushes of adrenaline in their body would love what the country has on offer. Some of the best enjoyed adventure sports in India encapsulate scuba diving, paragliding, ziplining, caving, bunjee jumping, trekking and river rafting to name a few while adventure tourist destinations in India to die for certainly include places like Uttaranchal, Andaman and Nicobar, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim.

Sports tourism development in India has thus, experienced a remarkable rise in the number of travellers from abroad as well as the mushrooming of Indian tour agents for promoting and inviting the tourists willing to come and experience the thrill of sports tourism in India. Way to Go India!!!

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