Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Do's and Dont's in the Ladakh Monasteries

Monasteries of Ladakh invoke a spirit of devotion and oneness of every soul amongst all the people who come to visit it. However, monasteries are also places which expect strict discipline from the outsiders and so, if you are travelling to Ladakh to visit its monasteries, here are some pointers to help you abide by their rules -

1.  Please take off your shoes if you would be entering the prayer area of a monastery.

2.  It is a good idea to wear clothes that cover your limbs well.

3. While you can always approach a monk humbly to answer many of the curious questions that pop up in your head, but please make sure you do not disturb Monks at prayer.

4. Most importantly, if you would like to  photograph a monk, seek their permission respectfully.

5. No matter how much the religious artifacts tempt you, touching them is not a good idea.

6.Drinking, smoking, drugging, spitting – none of this is allowed inside the monastery premises.

7. Avoid talking loudly when inside a monastery.

8. In many Gompas, people are expected to walk in clockwise direction around the premises.

9. In some monasteries, women may not be allowed inside the inner prayer rooms.

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