Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exclusive Honeymoon Tips for a Romantic Honeymoon (Part I)

If you are reading this blog, chances are fair you badly want some honeymoon tips to impress your would be. So, whether you are soon to get married or you have just tied the knot and now looking for honeymoon tips for spending a romantic honeymoon with your soul mate, here are some exclusive and ultra romantic tips for honeymoon to get you and your sweetheart sailing smoothly on this sweet journey of love. But before we begin to discover these secret honeymoon tips, pack away all your stress and worries of your wedding day and relax. Now….enter the world of deep love and intimate romance and create a world of perfect fantasy with these exciting tips for honeymoon…

Romantic honeymoon tips I - When you are lost in seclusion with your soul mate…what will you choose? Seduction of course! Seclusion and seduction go hand in hand like you and your soul mate and they rhyme too!! And, one great way to seduce your way to your sweetheart’s killing bareness is to master the art of massage. Well, well… mastering massage techniques to become a perfect masseuse may not possibly happen in few hours or few days but you can secretly learn some easy honeymoon tips for massaging your soul mate to end up the night in a “guaranteed satisfaction”!!!

Romantic honeymoon tips II – Now that you are here to learn the most romantic tips for honeymoon, let me also tell you the importance of massage oils and lotions. For creating the perfect world of fantasy and enamoring your sweetheart in your charming love massage, pack in some Lavender, Jasmine, Patchoul, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang oils in your vacation bag and mix them with the massage oil or lotion before the massage. The last thing you will want is to ignorantly pick up some meditation oils and drive your partner to a spiritual sleep!!!

Romantic honeymoon tips III - How can my tips for honeymoon night be complete without mentioning music? If you are fond of blues and jazz and mind numbing metallic, detach from them for some time and add that air of romance in the environment with some personally collected soft and melodious romantic favorites of yours and your sweetheart. This is the best way of setting the mood for getting intimate.

Romantic honeymoon tips IV - What better way to ignite the passion of love than candles? This is one of my favorite honeymoon tips I love to share. Get lots and lots of candles in different aromas like Jasmine, vanilla, strawberry and make special arrangements with the hotel staff or yourself for arranging them in your room before the two of you get there. A combination of white and red or simply white vanilla candles is often just enough to set the spark of romance. But I promised exclusive tips for honeymoon night in this blog and so I will share another secret, what many forget or never care to mention. They are arranging pink, red and/or white fragrant flowers and flower petals along with the candles, while you scatter loads of them on the bed (this time not with the candles though!!!!)

Romantic honeymoon tips V –Now, it’s time to share the secret honeymoon tips for bride. These are the special honeymoon tips for girls because when it comes to catch the man of your dreams off guard and kill him with your mischievous bare essentials look, there is no playing wrong with the lingerie. Silks and satins are the best fabrics for bridal lingerie which you can pick in gorgeous pink, sassy black, beautiful white or ravishing red.

Romantic honeymoon tips VI –To make the best of your steamy romantic night together, wear your spouse’s favorite cologne or perfume and this, I bet friends, will drive your sweetheart crazy and make them fall in deep deep deeeeep love with you all over again. (But that’s not all, there are more honeymoon tips coming up, so watch this space)

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