Friday, May 21, 2010

New Tourism Policy from Gujarat Tourism Board

The Gujarat Tourism Board is busy studying a new Tourism Policy. This Tourism Policy proposed by the TFCI (Tourism Finance Corporation of India) expects to address the major growth issues concerning tourism in Gujarat state. According to Gujarat Tourism Secretary – Vipul Mittra, this new policy will take care of the various issues including fiscal incentives, taxation, prohibition, land banking and so on. He also hopes that this policy will prompt the state government to ease the liquor permit system in Gujarat.

The bigger parts of this new Gujarat tourism policy is that the government might also consider building hotels at select tourist places in Gujarat. So, we can expect a mushrooming of beach resorts in this beautiful beach state of India where serving liquor will not be an issue. This policy comes as a part of promoting rural and heritage tourism in Gujarat. Mittra also expects to develop the Rann of Kutch as an active tourism destination to boost up Gujarat tourism. In fact one such project is already on its making in the Rann.

To bring in more dimensions in Gujarat tourism, the policy also mentions introducing cruise tourism in the state. The Gujarat tourism department hopes to tie up with major sea port operators to set up cruise tourism landing facilities at the major ports. According to the latest developments, several private cruise operators have already approached the Gujarat tourism department expressing their interest in flagging off cruise tourism operation from the coast of Gujarat.

Furthermore, to give an enhanced boost to Gujarat tourism, the policy also mentions the establishing of three more state-level Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) within the state in Patna, Baroda and Surat to improve the hospitality sector. The Gujarat tourism board plans to launch aggressive marketing campaigns to project the state as an irresistible travel destination for the international and domestic tourists alike. Looks like a huge makeover is on the make in our beloved beach state – Gujarat!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conservation tourism in Goa – Turtles show the torchlight!

Ecotourism in India is getting a new boost with a newly found dimension called “conservation tourism”. This conservation tourism in India is budding out from Goa, to begin with and in the stream Goa tourism is getting a fresh exposure all over again. This ecotourism in Goa has been given a go by the turtles that come to nest in this beautiful beach paradise. According to the president of ISTS (International Sea turtle Society), Kartik Shanker, this unique tourism model in Goa of mixing turtle conservation and tourism will also benefit the local community.

This turtle conservation tourism in Goa also comes as a flagship towards protecting and showcasing the beautiful coral reefs of the Indian coastline. The Goan communities living here will also greatly benefit from this project. Though the east coast of India shares the maximum population of breeding turtles, in the west coast it is Goa and Gujarat. Especially, the green turtles and Olive Turtles are very popular in Goa. So, it’s a good time for Goa, and also India on a whole, as more and more new concepts of tourism are developing in the country which is sure to hook on more international travellers to this shore.