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Ladakh Trekking - Adventure Unlimited

Where is Ladakh? My answer would be - Ladakh is where the Paradise on Earth is. But still, this doesn't answer the question “where is Ladakh” completely. Ladakh, the land of stark beauty, finds its home nestled between the highest mountain ranges inthe world, the Himalayas and the Karakoram. One has to come here to experience its wholeness; words merely try their best to match up to its unparalleled beauty. The strategic geographic location of Ladakh has attracted adventure seekers, spiritualists, nature lovers and explorers to it always. While some come here for finding the answers to their curious souls in the peaceful monasteries of Ladakh, there are others who make this lovely Ladakh trip to escape the humdrums of everyday life and chaos of cities. Yet still, there are those hungry nature lovers, explorers and adventure travellers who tour to Ladakh to be one with the pristine, picture perfect nature.

While Ladakh adventure can come in many forms, the most popular is trekking in Ladakh. The best season for Ladakh trekking expeditions generally begins from June and runs until the end of October. While the major challenge faced by the trekkers is the unpredictable snowfalls and chilly Himalayan breezes, this hasn’t discouraged the enthusiasts from trekking in Ladakh. Be equipped with the essentials like anorak, pullovers, strong rubber shoes with gripping soles, woolly socks, sleeping bag, flash light with enough batteries, eye gears, water cantor, waterproof tent and rucksack and you are all set for Ladakh trekking.

There are several routes for trekking in Ladakh. However, it is always best to consult a competent Ladakh travel agency who can easily guide to your best Ladakh trekking route as well as take care of all the trekking arrangements right from camping gears, portage, food and permissions.

Here’s a list of the various routes for trekking in Ladakh -

Ladakh Trekking Routes    

  • ·         Tsomoriri Trek Via Parang La - 5500 Mts         
  • ·         Nubra Valley Trekking - 5456 Mts         
  • ·         Manali To Hemis Trek - 5300 Mts
  • ·         Sangla – Leh Trek - 5280 Mts
  • ·         Junglam Trek - 5200 mts  
  • ·         Markha Valley Trek - 5150 Mts  
  • ·         Remote Zanskar Trek - 5150Mts
  • ·         Hemis Rupsu Darcha Trek - 5100 Mts
  • ·         Darcha - Padum Trek - 5090 Mts                        
  • ·         Stok Kangri Summit           - 4950 Mts     
  • ·         Lamayuru Chilling Trek - 4950 Mts       
  • ·         Zanskar To Lamayuru Trek         - 4950 Mts     
  • ·         Spituk Trek - 4900 Mts     
  • ·         Ladakh Monasteries Trek - 4900 Mts   
  • ·         Sham Valley Trek - 4750 Mts       
  • ·         Ladakh & Zanskar Valley Trek - 4060Mts
  • ·         Chadar Trek - 3850 Mts    

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nubra Valley Ladakh - Heaven in the Lap of Himalayas

Leh tourism remains incomplete without a visit to the awe-inspiringly beautiful Nubra Valley. As you battle past the highest motorable road in the world, the Khardung La and move beyond, you are greeted by a flat fertile region that lies shimmering in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. Criss-crossed by the Nubra and Shyok river channels lays the fabled Valley of Flowers, the Nubra Valley. 

At the first sight, Nubra Valley Ladakh presents before you a living image of a parched, dry land. But this, my friends, is one of the most fertile valleys you will discover in your Leh Ladakh tour package. The valley is home to apple orchards and farms of barley, orange berries and apricots. The Nubra Valley is dotted with numerous ancient gompas.

On your journey, you will also discover that the Nubra Valley is a lovely home to quaint hamlets and ruined palaces, which will make your Nubra Valley trekking an experience to recollect for the best of reasons. However, the attractions of Nubra Valley Ladakh doesn’t cease there. You haven’t seen much of this heavenly valley if you haven’t spotted the Bactrian camels. 

One of the best attractions of the Nubra Valley and undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful experiences of your Ladakh tour package will be to witness double humped furry Bactrian camels. Watching a train of these beautiful camels ascent up the slopes at more than 10, 000 feet, on the white sand dunes, is a treat to behold.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't Miss Pangong Lake on Your Trip to Ladakh

Pangong in Summer (source: wikipedia)

On your Ladakhtour, one of the places that you must visit is the Pangong Lake or Pangong Tso (as it is locally known). Distanced some 160 km from Leh, atop the Changla Pass (5475 meters), the Pangong Lake shimmers in its tranquil turquoise glory at a height of 4218 meters above the sea level. The Pangong happens to be the largest brackish lake in all of Asia stretching up to 700 square km. A major portion of this lake in Leh is shared by Tibet and China too.

Road to Pangong (source: wikipedia)

One interesting thing about the Pangong in north east of Leh is that, it not a fresh water lake as you would have guessed. Rather, it’s a salt water lake. The first place where one gets to halt enroute to the Pangong Lake is the quaint little village of Thiksey which is known for its large monasteries that dot the entire mountain range. As you move beyond this village, you will be greeted by steep mountains. The second place where you usually get to halt on your way to Pangong is the Changla Pass (17,350 ft.).

Birds in Pangong Lake (Source: lehladakhtourindia)

The placid Pangong Lake of Leh is not just a paradise for the nature travellers for but also for the geologists with its magnificent rock formations in the mountains. The Mahe marshes around the lake on the other hand, are a treasure for the bird watchers as it abounds in the migratory Black Necked Siberian crane during their breeding season. Summer-time becomes the ideal season for the Brahmini ducks and Bar-headed goose to make the Pangong their temporary home. Other notable species of wildlife that can be spotted in this beautiful region of Leh include kiang and Marmot.

Breathtaking Landscape around Pangong Lake (source: wikipedia)

The best season to visit the Pangong Tso in Leh is from May to September. This lake in Leh was made hugely popular all over the globe after being filmed in the blockbuster Bollywood movie of 2010 called “3 Idiots” starred by Amir Khan. So, on your tour to Ladakh, this is one place which you must visit.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ladakh Climbing Expeditions – Tips for Climbing the Mountains of Ladakh

If you are travelling to Ladakh for the sake of climbing its gorgeous peaks, then head to this land of stark beauty in the perfect time. The best season for the climbers in Leh-Ladakh is from mid-May to mid-October. Ideally, it is from June to September that Ladakh plays up as a true paradise for the climbers as the season keeps the Monsoons at bay.

Image source:visit-himalaya

Ladakh no doubt, is the most idyllic abode for adventure travellers and a true havenfor mountaineers. But you could always do away with some tips at hand so that you don’t find yourself unprepared amidst these tough snowy peaks. Firstly, it is important that you get a clear picture of the climbing route imprinted in your mind and of course, keep a map to guide you all along the mountain route you have planned to scale.

Image source: ventureladakh

It goes without saying that Ladakh travel in the mountains in no child’s play and so be sure to check the quality of your slings, ropes and harness before you venture out for your climbing expedition in the Himalayas. Protective clothing in the biting cold of Ladakh mountains is a must and stronger the soles of your shoes, the smoother your journey. Lastly, special first aid kit is a must carry for every climber in the mountains of Ladakh. Remember, our shoulders, elbows and fingers are the most vulnerable to injury. So, have a wild adventure in the lap of the majestic Himalayas yet remain safe to the best extent possible!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ladakh Climbing Expeditions – Things to Know and Do before You Climb the Mountains of Ladakh

If you get that hot rush of adrenaline every time you think of mountains and snowcapped peaks, then travel to Ladakh. Ladakh with its stark blue sky, placid turquoise water bodies and rocky Himalayan desert is sure a destination of dreams for all climbers, young and old. Daring enough if you are, then heed this call of the Himalayas in the picturesque lap of Leh-Ladakh and experience super thrill and magical beauty amalgamate in their fullest glory.   

 picture source: adventure-tours

In my last blog on Climbing the Mountains of Ladakh, I have already enlisted the best places to begin your climbing expedition in Leh-Ladakh. But before you can climb these challengingly seductive Himalayan peaks, obtaining permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is a pre-requisite.

 picture source: yalaadventure

You will be required to pay a booking fee for the peak you choose. But then again, keep in mind that the fee is charged based on the popularity and the height of a peak. Your climbing team will then be assigned a Liaison Officer t to accompany and guide you all through. 

 picture source: ventureladakh

Remember, you need to book well ahead of time if you are serious about scaling these Himalayan heights. Climbers book years in advance when they are passionate about conquering the mountains of Ladakh. Then of course, the application processing may take longer than six months. Each authorized expedition to the Ladakh Himalayan Mountains comes complete with rescue coverage for illness and accidents.

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