Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yuru Kabgyat Festival of Leh

Ladakh is not only about rocky terrains with clear skies reflecting in the placid blue lakes. Ladakh is also about its colorful culture, royal heritage and beautiful festivals. The festivals of Ladakh are also what make up the prime attraction of this beautiful Himalayan village. June to September is one of the best times for Ladakh Travel if you would like to be a part of the beautiful local festivals. The Yuru Kabgyat is a very special festival which is celebrated in June. In 2012, the festival falls on June 16 and will be celebrated until June 17th. This two day long festival is celebrated in Lamayuru which is 127 km from Leh.

Yuru Kabgyat festival of Leh attracts Buddhists from different parts of the world like Tibet, China, Korea and Japan. The Buddhist monks dress up colorfully and throng the valley of Leh. They even take part in dance drama, an important ritual of this Leh festival. The dance is called Chham where the Lamas wear large and colorful masks and dance in circles. The movements are often accompanied by the sounds of cymbals, drum beats and long pipes. The dance drama mainly portrays the Lord of Death or Yama and the protector animals and human race, i.e. Padmasambhava.

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