Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladakh - A Paradise for Photographers

Ladakh is a place that’s probably best described as “outworldly.” The unmatched beauty of this place attracts travellers from all parts of the world. The multi-hued mountains silhouetting at a distance, the clear blue skies with occasional white clouds floating in their vastness and reflecting in the calm blue waters of the lakes, Ladakh is as picturesque it can get. That is the reason why it is also a photographers’ den.

So, if you are also headed to experience the stark beauty of Leh and Ladakh and capture them in your camera, learn a few tips and tricks beforehand to bring back home Ladakh as it is. The best way to capture the mountains of Ladakh within your camera frame is to zoom out the regular wide angle lens of your camera. The Ladakh landscape metamorphoses from steep lunar rock formations to vast stretches of white dessert in the Nubra Valley and then again to serene blue water in the Pangong Lake. All these make the place a true delight for the photographers.

Carrying a sturdy tripod is most recommended during your trip to Ladakh. You would also like to capture the mystical Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the monastic lifestyle in your lenses. The place is ideally visited from July to September when the roads are clear and almost every region in Ladakh is accessible for the travellers. Besides the stunning scenery, photographers are also enamored by the exotic wildlife and bird life that abounds this magical Himalayan village.

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