Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghorakatora, Rajgir and Jethiyan - International Hotspots in Bihar Tourism Scene

Bihar tourism is all set to receive a new high in the scene of India tours and travels. The three iconic tourist destinations in the map of Bihar tourism, namely - Rajgir, Jethiyan and Ghorakatora will soon be developed into tourist destinations in the international scale so as to attract international travellers besides promoting the regular influx of domestic tourists. Kudos to the latest high-level review meeting of youth affairs, tourism and art and culture departments, which as revealed by Bihar Chief Minister – Nitish Kumar, was all about developing tourism in Bihar on the International tourism scene by promoting the historical hotspots of Jethiyan, Ghorakatora and Rajgir.

To add to the adrenaline fun besides archaeological fantasies, the Bihar tourism board in these named areas has also promised to add the options of adventure sports like paragliding and parasailing. The chief minister has also been quoted by national daily stating that a large acre of plantation besides a picturesque hill surrounded pond in Ghorakatora will be developed as a destination of ecotourism in Bihar. Plus, the government is also actively dreaming and nurturing the idea of opening ‘Ganga diara’ as an international tourist spot in Bihar and wishes to set up special camps in the area. The project also plans starting the festive culture of “Ganga Aarti” or worship of the Ganges River from the February 2011 and include it as a regular feature.

Seeing that Bihar tourism has already surpassed the 5.5 lakh mark in November 2010, the Bihar tourism board - Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) has taken the decision to accommodate the state with some of the finest hotels. Transportation has also seen a major high in the Bihar tourism arena as luxury Volvo coaches have already been enlisted to be purchased to boost up tourism in Bihar. Meanwhile, the progress on the proposed international museum in Patna is also on a speed roll. 

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