Monday, December 27, 2010

Heavy snowfall in Europe Affects Jaipur Tourism

The Jaipur tourism industry of Rajasthan has been hard hit as heavy snowfalls enveloped Europe. There has been a steep fall in Rajasthan tourism owing to this as almost 70 percent of the European tourists who had planned travel to India, had to cancel their bookings in the Indian hotels and all India travel arrangements with the various travel agents of India, just due to these heavy snowfall conditions. As most airports in UK, France, Germany and several other countries in Europe are experiencing massive snowfall, the flights had to be either delayed or cancelled, which caused a lot of inconvenience to the travellers. Thus, the inbound tourists were compelled to cancel their travel to India and packages with the Indian travel agents. A 30 to 35% booking cancellation has been recorded by the Indian hoteliers and travel agents. The Jaipur tourism season mainly begins from December 20th and with the cancellation of some 1,300 European flights, it has resulted to a major dip in the Jaipur Tourism scene as it is one of the hottest travel destinations in India.

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