Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conservation tourism in Goa – Turtles show the torchlight!

Ecotourism in India is getting a new boost with a newly found dimension called “conservation tourism”. This conservation tourism in India is budding out from Goa, to begin with and in the stream Goa tourism is getting a fresh exposure all over again. This ecotourism in Goa has been given a go by the turtles that come to nest in this beautiful beach paradise. According to the president of ISTS (International Sea turtle Society), Kartik Shanker, this unique tourism model in Goa of mixing turtle conservation and tourism will also benefit the local community.

This turtle conservation tourism in Goa also comes as a flagship towards protecting and showcasing the beautiful coral reefs of the Indian coastline. The Goan communities living here will also greatly benefit from this project. Though the east coast of India shares the maximum population of breeding turtles, in the west coast it is Goa and Gujarat. Especially, the green turtles and Olive Turtles are very popular in Goa. So, it’s a good time for Goa, and also India on a whole, as more and more new concepts of tourism are developing in the country which is sure to hook on more international travellers to this shore.

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