Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Climbing the Mountains of Ladakh

If the great heights, rocky steeps and mountains rush your adrenaline as much as they send chills down your spine, then Ladakh is the place for you. Leh-Ladakh has beckoned the mountaineers, hikers and trekkers from all across the globe with its challenging mountain trails and heights. If you are travelling to Ladakh for mountaineering, here are some of the spots which you must check out-

Nun-Kun Massif
An area much frequented by the foreign climbers, the Nun-Kun Massif in the lap of the Great Himalayas is connected to the Kargil-Pudum road. You can access it via the Suru Valley. While the range is made up of six peaks, Nun is the highest of them all standing tall at 7,135m, followed closely by Kun which is at 7,077m. But don’t forget to book it years in advance if you are eyeing this peaky beauty.

Stok-khangri Massif
Located in the Zanskar Range, in the south of Leh, this serves as the base camp for conquering the other peaks of Zanskar. You can trek to this Massif for two days from the village of Stok. Stok-khangri (6,150m), Kantak (5,275 m), Gulap Khangri (5,900 m) and Matho West (5,950m) are the best known peaks in this range.

Karakoram Range
Probably the most popular amongst all the Leh-Ladakh ranges, the Karokoram in Northern Leh sits pretty in-between Ladakh and the Nubra Valley. Its summits Saser-I (7,415 m), Saser II (7,513m) and Saser III (7,495 m) have been attracting climbers worldwide and all can be accessed from the Nubra Valley. There are other peaks too which come under the restricted zone and foreigners need special permission granted by the Indian Government to climb them.

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