Thursday, May 5, 2011

Commercial Sky Diving Camp !!! NOW IN INDIA!!

If sitting in an airplane is flying …
Then sailing in a boat is swimming.

Get out ……SKYDIVE !!!

Types of Sky Dives:

1. Tandem Jump (with an Instructor piggy backing you) -
It allows first-time jumpers to experience the thrill of the sport without the preparation and knowledge required . The instructor controls the jump from exit to opening and landing, so training for a tandem jump is minimal -- usually under two hours.

2. Static Line (Self Jump inclusive of 2-3 days or training) -
Most static line jumps are made approximately 4,000 feet above the ground. A line attached from the parachute to the aircraft opens the parachute as the student falls away. It takes about 300 feet before the parachute inflates completely.

Details of the event 

 Static line 

1 jump 14500
3 jumps 28500
5 Jumps 46000

Tandem Jump
 w/o video 27000
with Video 31000

For those who are freshers

Day 1 Am 18 May Ground training
Day 2 Am 19 May Ground Training
Pm 19 May Jumps commence
Day 3 Am 20 May Jumps till completion
Day 4 Am 21 May Jumps till Completion
FOR BOOKINGS: CONTACT +91-8800889984

The Location will be Sagour (Sagar), accessible by train on main line delhi.

P.S.: Station Bhopal for Express trains, and for the other trains Bina. Cab pick ups will be arranged from both Bhopal and Bina till Sagar.

The dates for the registration would be from the 4th May, 2011 to the 15th of May, 2011.

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