Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bollywood Tours in Mumbai!!

For the first time, you will get an exclusive look at the inside of the Bollywood dream factory – where those notoriously melodramatic dream sequences are shot, where those hip-swinging love songs are enacted, where crocodile tears are shed over imaginary tragedies, and where the gods decide the fate of mere celluloid mortals.

FULL DAY TOURS for Rs. 6900!!
HALF DAY TOURS for Rs. 5750 !!

Replica of Amer Fort in Rajasthan - Jodha's Hometown
FOR BOOKINGS: CONTACT +91-8800889984

Learn a word about acting at the Anupam kher acting school

Balaji Studio

A tourist gets to enjoy a scene being shot

Catch the stars live!

Tourists enjoying a jail set up

A street created for shooting "Once upon a time in Mumbai"
Big ND Studio where movies like Devdas and Jodha Akbar were shot

Inclusions : Transportation, Lunch and an English speaking Guide

Visit Balaji Studios, BIG ND Studios, Bollywood Dance workshop / Sound Post Production ( anyone on availability), Experience live shooting and much more!

Full day Trip 8 to 9 hours 
Half day Trip 5 to 6 hours

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