Monday, December 6, 2010

India Travel for the Global Tourists – India Welcomes the HIV+ Tourists

India Travel for the global tourists is not only getting easier but also more interesting by the day. The MEA (ministry of external affairs) has given a fresh facelift to India Travel for the global tourists by recently lifting all the Indian travel curbs against the HIV + foreigner travellers. Foreigner tourists visiting India to get that much talked about “Incredible India” feel will NO MORE have to state their HIV status during their India Travel Visa filling up formalities. Indian tourism industry has thus, made India travel for the global tourists a little easier than before by removing all kinds of travel restrictions against the HIV positive tourists.


The urge for lifting up this restriction had come way back in 2002, when the Union health ministry had requested for removal of this mandatory HIV test for the Indian bound foreign travellers. However, since the consulates and embassies could not enforce it, they continued displaying the need of HIV test certificate on their official web domains and India Travel visa forms. On September 17, the MEA e-mailed the consulates and embassies clarified that there is absolutely NO RESTRICTION for the HIV + travellers coming to India. Soon, the offices will also remove the requirement for HIV certification from all India Travel Visa forms.

Making this noble move, the MEA has not only upheld India's commitment to equal human rights and dignity but also, made India a more favorable travel destination for one and all. Recently, the US, Namibia and China also lifted their decade old restrictions on HIV positive travellers. 

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