Monday, October 4, 2010

Northern India Ram Barat and Janakpuri Fair Begins in Agra

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Northern India Ram Barat and Janakpuri Fair’ begins in Agra finally and is all set to woo the spectators from 4th to 7th Oct. The festivals of India are myriad and full of the most interesting aspects of celebration, heritage and culture. Here’s yet another festival ready to takeoff with its wings in Agra. Known as ‘Rambarat,’ this Indian festival may not be as heard about as Diwali or Id, but this is an important festival of India, that precedes the popular Dussehra festival. Rambarat is a special marriage procession of Lord Ram, which is held every year in the Taj Mahal city - Agra.


The Rambarat festival is actually a crucial part of Ramlila, which stages the life of Sri Ram and continues till Dussehra with the killing of evil Ravana. The Ramlila or the traditional dance-drama depicting the scenes from Lord Rama’s life, are played by teenage boys, who play the female characters in the play. The festival of Rambarat in India is no less spectacular with its procession of jeweled diety “jhankis,” which are all carried to the ‘Janakpuri’ palace, the paternal home of Lord Rama’s beloved wife – Goddess Sita. The best attraction of the Rambarat festival is the giant fair, where thousands of people flock to witness the elaborate royal wedding of the deities.

The procession

The procession of Rambarat in Agra begins from Lala Channomalji Ki Baradari and ends at venue of Janakpuri, snaking its way past different parts of the Agra city. Sri Rama is mounted on a silver leafed chariot as the divine groom and his brothers are mounted on bejeweled elephants. A celebration to watch out for!!

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