Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to Cruise Away the Lazy Hours on the Indian Waters

The tourism market in India is gaining a lot of boost with more and more new concepts of tourism getting introduced in the country. With a country like India which is enriched with a good weight of tourist delectations, this was something which we all knew was coming! We know it as ‘cruising’. This newest trend in the cruise industry has found a strong foothold in the Indian tourism market. Cruise tours in India are thus getting quite popular and are luring travelers from far and wide.

The concept is ballooning up in India all the more because of the giant cruise companies that have started to gain grounds here. The last few years have witnessed a strength building up in the cruise tourism division of India as sincere efforts have been undertaken both by the public and the private sectors. Last year, the Evaluserve and the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) conducted a study and brought out results which predicted that cruise tourism in the country has the potential to shoot up three folds by the current year.  

The ‘Yippie factor’ is that the Indian government has shown much interest in this part and has wasted no time in gleefully announcing a fresh new Cruise Tourism Policy in India to make the future of cruise tourism in the nation bigger and brighter.  The recent launch of Louis Cruises has polished the future prospects even brighter. This is an international cruise company which is the first one of its kind to have called all the global ports to India. So, now our Indian travel industry is much more confident and hopeful about the growth of cruise tourism in the Indian waters, in the coming years.

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