Thursday, January 14, 2010

India Goes That Extra Mile For Security With ID Proofs on Kumbh 2010

All you moksha seekers who are headed for the religious Kumbh Mela 2010 in Haridwar, make sure you pack in your identity proof as well along with your other belongings. This jamboree which starts on January 14 will be there for three long months in Haridwar. The Government has arranged for the tightest security measures to keep a sharp eye on suspicious activities and yes the ultra outfits. The government might even go an extra mile by adding air-surveillance. The holy men visiting the Kumbh 2010 will have to produce a “parichay patra” an equivalent of the regular ID proof. The Kumbh mela is amongst the most awaited fairs and festivals of India.

The fairground stretches to some 130 square kilometers from Bahadurabad to Neelkanth and is expected to attract more than 10 million pilgrims. The first bath in Haridwar has been scheduled on February 14 when around 30 lakh bathers are expected to gather. Especially the Hari Ki Paidi is expected to be thronged my most of the pilgrims on that day. Although this is not a fool proof security measure but we can’t deny that this concept of ID proof indeed is a big achievement. This really shows how India has geared up its security measures and is ready to take up every challenge. This sure gives a thumps up to tourism in the country.

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